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X-rays are a crucial diagnostic tool for any dental clinic. They allow your dentist to get a look at just what is going on beneath the visible surface of your teeth. Sometimes, though, a traditional, flat X-ray just does not provide enough information.

A 3D X-ray provides a much more in-depth look at your smile and the bones, blood vessels, and nerves that support it. With a comprehensive image of your teeth and all the surrounding oral structures, we can detect issues like extra teeth, wisdom teeth, mystery pain, and others early to provide the most conservative and effective treatment possible.

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3D X-rays are also key in the treatment planning stages for services like dental implants, which require a highly detailed approach for maximum success. 3D X-rays give the clinicians at Victory Dental Hub the entire view of the jaw -- including all the blood vessels, bones, and nerves -- that is necessary for ensuring safe, effective placement of dental implants.

How can Dental imaging help you:

An OPG (Orthopantomogram) is a scan that gives a panoramic view of your jaw and teeth. The scan can provide information on:
Advanced periodontal disease
Cysts in the jawbones
Jaw tumors and oral cancer
Impacted teeth including wisdom teeth
Jaw disorders (also known as temporomandibular joint or TMJ disorders)


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How to prepare for a CT scan?

This procedure requires little to no special preparation.

  • Tell your Radiographer, if there’s a possibility you are pregnant.
  • Pregnant women are only given a scan if the benefit of the scan outweighs the risk to the baby.
  • Leave jewelry at home.
    Your scan will take on an average of 10-15 min

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