Root Canal Treatment in Kampala

Get quick and effective root canal treatment in Kampala at Victory Dental Hub.

Did you know that a root canal can save a tooth that would otherwise be lost and alleviate your pain? It's a quick and effective procedure. If you require a root canal in Kampala, Victory Dental Hub can assist you. Our on-staff board-certified endodontist can perform the procedure right here at our office, instead of having to refer you to another specialist.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is in some ways similar to a filling. Here’s how the procedure goes:

  1. After being fully numbed with local anesthesia, the endodontist will start by drilling the tooth in a similar manner as filling a regular cavity.
  2. The endodontist will then access the pulp chamber and root canals beyond the tooth's crown to meticulously clean them, eliminating any decay and bacteria.
  3. Following this, the pulp is replaced with a safe and biocompatible substance.
  4. Lastly, the tooth is sealed and fitted with a dental restoration, usually a crown, to restore its natural shape and function.

The endodontic therapy at Victory Dental Hub is precise and efficient, taking 90 minutes or less with the help of the latest magnification technology provided by the Zumax® endodontic microscope.

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Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Root canals often have a negative reputation, but in reality, they are not as terrible as people say.

Our team ensures that you receive local anesthesia during the procedure, which means you won't feel any pain while the endodontist is working.

In addition, we offer sedation to patients who prefer it.

If you have been experiencing a toothache, a root canal can help you get rid of the pain. Soreness after the procedure can be managed with over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers.

Overall, you will not experience much, if any, pain during the root canal procedure.

Our experienced team has perfected the process, so you are in good hands.

You do not need a referral to book an appointment with our on-staff endodontist who can perform your root canal right here in our office in Kampala.

If you suspect you may need a root canal, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with us.


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