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We offer implantology services that can help you restore your missing teeth and improve your oral health.

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Specialized Dental Implant Practice in Uganda

Dental implants can restore lost teeth due to decay, periodontal disease, or trauma. They support crowns, bridges, or dentures for a beautiful smile and improved bite.

At Victory Dental Hub, we perform every step of the implant procedure in one location for your convenience. Our one-stop dental implant service in Kampala, Uganda offers a healthier and long-lasting smile.

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When Do You Need a Dental Implant?

Implants are the best option for replacing an entire tooth, including the root. Traditional dental solutions, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures, only address the visible portion of the teeth. Without the root to stimulate it, the jawbone can deteriorate and cause bone loss, which might lead to further complications. Opting for an implant is the safest choice.

Mini Implants

We also offer mini implants if traditional implants can't be supported due to inadequate jawbone structure. In rare cases, we may recommend a bone graft, a bridge, or a partial denture.

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Victory Dental Hub Dental Implant Procedure

Not every patient is a candidate for a dental implant, so we’ll first determine if you are.

Once you and your care team have decided on an implant procedure, we’ll schedule an appointment and coordinate it with our periodontist. On the day of your  appointment:

  1. Your procedure will begin with plenty of local anesthesia to completely numb the site where the implant is to be placed.
  2. The periodontist makes an incision in the gum tissue to access the alveolar bone.
  3. Next, the periodontist surgically places the implant into the bone and stitches up the gum tissue.
  4. You’ll come back in a week or so for a follow-up and to have your stitches out if they haven’t already come out on their own.
  5. After placing the implant, we wait for osseointegration to occur. Once complete, your restoration can be placed.

Getting Your Tooth (or Teeth) Replacement

After implant integration, get your tooth replacements at Victory Dental Hub Uganda.

For an individual tooth replacement, we place a custom-made, all-ceramic dental crown. For multiple teeth, you can indeed get multiple implants and crowns. Or, our prosthodontist will design a high-quality dental bridge or other prosthetic that attaches securely to the implant(s) and provides excellent function and aesthetics.

Get Dental Implants in Kampala, Uganda

We’re proud to offer you and your family a comprehensive oral healthcare home! For implants, our periodontist and prosthodontist can oversee your entire treatment. Contact our Kira Road, office today to schedule your first appointment with our skilled team of doctors and staff members. We look forward to transforming your oral health and happiness for the better!

Your scan will take on an average of 10-15 min


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Missing your services Doc.You were the best dentist av ever met.You rescued my live after l was messed up.May God bless the work of your hands..🙏🙏
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A good dentist
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Excellent service,,loved everything,,the doctor is such a professional I will forever be grateful for the excellent service I have been provided with and thank you for making me feel confident whenever I smile.
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