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Specialized Orthodontics Practice in Uganda

We are committed to helping you achieve the smile you deserve as a specialized orthodontics practice.

Having straight teeth contributes to a beautiful smile and numerous benefits for your dental health.

When teeth are well aligned, there is a lower chance of tooth decay, enamel degradation, and other dental problems.

Various factors can cause misaligned teeth, but the good news is that correcting them is easy with the help of an experienced orthodontist in Uganda. In Kampala, braces are the most common solution for this issue. However, some people avoid getting braces due to traditional beliefs associated with it.

Although getting braces was once a painful process, advancements in technology now allow us to achieve perfectly aligned teeth without discomfort.

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Types of dental braces in Kampala, Uganda:

  1. Metal dental braces

  2. Typically, metal dental braces in Uganda were the only type of braces to be used in the treatment but with the advancement of technology, we have several options available.

  3. Invisalign

    In the present day, invisible braces in Kampala, Uganda are in trend. A number of clear trays make up invisible braces. Each tray applies mild orthodontic pressure to teeth, resulting in your ideal smile. The process is painless, and the outcomes are long-lasting.

    There is a special line of invisible braces for kids in Kampala, Uganda, despite the fact that Invisalign was created with adults in mind.

Metal braces

We offer modern comfort for traditional metal braces in Kampala. Choose from several options based on your preference. They align teeth with moderate to severe misalignment, treating crowding and gaps.

Invisible lingual braces

Incognito braces are a great option if you prefer traditional braces but don't want metal braces to affect your daily life. These braces have a similar structure to traditional metal braces, but they're placed behind your teeth, making them unnoticeable to others.

Orthodontics in Uganda creates customized Incognito braces for maximum comfort and optimal results.

Damon braces

These braces are identical to metal braces but have less friction and the potential for stress. Their innovative trap-door design allows the Archwire to move between your teeth, relieving pressure on specific parts of your mouth. As a result, certain patients find the overall therapy process more comfortable.


Myobrace is one of the best braces for kids in Kampala. It is an early interceptive treatment that helps direct tooth and jaw growth into healthier, more aligned relationships.

Myobrace assists in the correction of misaligned teeth by directing them into a more suitable alignment when they emerge.

At Victory Dental Hub in Kampala, we offer a range of orthodontic techniques to suit your needs. We consider cost, treatment time, and aesthetics when recommending braces for your condition.

To learn more about orthodontic treatments, contact our orthodontists for affordable and excellent dental care in Kampala.


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